Welcome to the One Legacy website, home  of The Family Historian Journal. 

We’re glad you stopped by. If this is your first visit, let me explain a little about us.  We’re a family owned and operated company from Edwardsville IL. Our mission and purpose is to collect and share real stories from everyday people around the world. Please take a moment to read a few of our stories. We think you’ll like them.  Once collected, we love to share stories with the community. 

Many of you know  that in February we delivered our first copies of The Family Historian Journal to lobbies of over 300 hospitals, medical centers, retirement homes, restaurants and many more. Well, next week we launch the second issue of the free journal. It promises to be equally as meaningful and fun as the first. 

So, please check our website, social media and The Family Historian Journal (free download). Read our full story in the About Us section. We’d love to have your feedback. As we ready ourselves for Easter weekend, it’s a good time to reflect and remind ourselves of the many stories out there ready to be saved for future generations, and more importantly, so many people that would be honored to be asked to share a story about their own legacy. Send us one of those stories and we’ll be happy to share. Thank you! 


My Best,

Mike Stith – Founder, One Legacy®

Each day has purpose. Every life has meaning



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