is a community of individuals from around the world who are interested in reading and sharing stories about personal legacy – One Legacy for each of us. These stories connect us and remind us of the pivotal moments and lessons in our lives. READ STORIES about our PAST (historical events, overcoming loss, transitions in life), PRESENT (caring for others, triumphs, victories) and FUTURE (hope, dreams, moving on).

Are you ready to share your own experience? We invite you to share your short story about any event or encounter that speaks to you about legacy. From battles with illness to military experiences to the special pets in your life, there are moments of legacy everywhere we turn. We believe that by sharing these stories, our community will be inspired, motivated and healed. Not a writer? No problem! We have a simple sharing form and editors who can assist you. We love to include your personal photos and links in the posts and can even accept audio files. PUBLISH YOUR STORY HERE! 

The new Legacy Sharing Program by OneLegacy was created for participants to communicate and share personal memories and real stories. The workshops are designed for caregivers, veterans, seniors, family events or anyone who is interested in family history, genealogy or storytelling. The LEGACY SHARING WORKSHOP activities include a combination of memory sharing, storytelling, brainstorming games, and writing. The participants benefit from facilitated activities, group sharing and free digital publishing.

Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you. – Shannon Alder


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