One Legacy is a community of individuals who are interested in reading and sharing stories about personal legacy – One Legacy for each of us. These stories connect us and remind us of life’s pivotal moments and lessons.

Legacy Sharing is an exciting, innovative, story-therapy activity program being offered by One Legacy. The facilitated, structured reminiscence activities are specially designed to identify, record and collect real life stories that are our personal legacy – One Legacy for each of us. These stories connect us and remind us of the pivotal moments and lessons in our lives. The programs are designed to give the participants an opportunity to:

• Slow down from the hectic pace of life in general.
• Write by hand instead of typing on a keyboard.
• Take time to recall personal memories.
• Share with others and experience the bond that results.

When seniors participate in story therapy activities, they also benefit from an experience that:

  • Stimulates positive social interaction among residents
  • Provides brain-stimulating activities in groups or one-on-one
  • Improves emotional satisfaction, health and quality of life
  • Enhances communication with family and caregivers
  • Designs a personal and significant legacy for individuals and families
  • Variety of curriculum for seniors in assisted living, independent living or memory care.
  • Library of games and tools–with publishing of keepsake storybooks available
  • Affordable site licensing including support

The Story Therapy Library 400program format, timeline and start-up are customized by the staff at One Legacy to suit the needs of each community. It includes a brain-boosting curriculum with:

• Customized Program Licensing
• On-Site Facilitation
• All-Inclusive

The program is designed with purposeful, family-focused games, tools and awards that increase social engagement. Full-service story editing and publishing services are also available.

Additional options include training, editing, branded materials, eBook publishing and the show-and-tell keepsake, a storybook collection which is an anthology of the stories written during the programs.

“The Legacy Sharing Program has been a magnet for getting residents out of their rooms and socializing more often with each other. Sharing their memories and telling their stories with a facilitated group of active listeners, clearly energizes the participants. As a result of the program, residents are frequently drawn out of their shells and motivated to visit with and learn more from each other.”

– Teresa R.,  Activities and Volunteer Coordinator, Sunrise Senior Living

One Legacy has a collection of stories about our PAST (historical events, overcoming loss, transitions in life), PRESENT (caring for others, triumphs, victories) and FUTURE (hope, dreams, moving on). We invite you to share your short story about any event or encounter that speaks to you about legacy. From battles with illness to military experiences to the special pets in your life, there are moments of legacy everywhere we turn. We believe that by sharing these stories, our community will be inspired, motivated and healed.

Not a writer? No problem! We have a simple sharing form and editors who can assist you. We can include your personal photos and links in the posts and can even accept audio files. PUBLISH YOUR STORY HERE!

If you are interested in partnering with One Legacy to bring this program to your community, please contact us.

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