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A Father’s Day Tribute

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to share several stories that have been published on about fathers and grandfathers. We enjoy reading and sharing the stories that have been submitted by our readers and invite you to publish your stories. The Quiet Irish Farmer Football Hero My Grandfather The Milkman’s Son Unconditional Love […]

The Depression Years

Chapter 1 I grew up during the depression and have a lot of memories about experiences myself and my family shared.  My family lived in the Detroit area until a series of events forced us to make create a new life which included moving across the country.  My parents were strong people who were able […]

A Celebration of Seniors and Caregivers

People 65 and older numbered 46.2 million in 2014. They represented 14.5% of the U.S. population, approximately one in every seven Americans. As people grow older, they often need assistance. Caregivers help clients with self-care and everyday tasks. They also provide social supports and assistance that enable clients to participate in their communities. This summer, […]

Catching Up with Chief Story Publisher Mike Stith

Mike Stith, the founder of One Legacy, shared his journey with the organization in this interview a year ago. The mission of One Legacy is to bridge generational, cultural and economically diverse communities so that everyone has access to inspirational literature for mutual enrichment. Our social enterprise business aims to grow the practice of story […]

Go Find Something to Do

In a household of nine children, the activity level could be likened to ants at a picnic. When the level got too crazy, we would be banished from the house. This usually occurred when something sent our mom to the brink. For example, one sister played jump rope with the twenty foot phone cord while […]