Family History

Stories are a powerful way to share and pass down the legacy of our family members. In our Family History category you can find everything from family tales that have been passed down for generations to new stories about family members that impacted our writers’ lives.

Preserving Family Stories with Legacy Sharing

Seniors, families and caregivers increasingly recognize the value of reflection and reminiscing. Storytelling and writing about family history has the power to improve self-esteem, enhance feelings of control and provide an expanded vision of one’s life. Mature family members often have a treasure trove of stories about their life and the lives of their ancestors. […]

A Father’s Day Tribute

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to share several stories that have been published on about fathers and grandfathers. We enjoy reading and sharing the stories that have been submitted by our readers and invite you to publish your stories. The Quiet Irish Farmer Football Hero My Grandfather The Milkman’s Son Unconditional Love […]

The Depression Years

Chapter 1 I grew up during the depression and have a lot of memories about experiences myself and my family shared.  My family lived in the Detroit area until a series of events forced us to make create a new life which included moving across the country.  My parents were strong people who were able […]

Aunt Flora

I remember when I was smaller, when I’d be walking in the park with my grandmother or sitting in her living room, we’d talk about our family. I used to love hearing old family tales or looking through the black and white photo albums. I seemed to be related to so many interesting people. My […]