Family History

Stories are a powerful way to share and pass down the legacy of our family members. In our Family History category you can find everything from family tales that have been passed down for generations to new stories about family members that impacted our writers’ lives.

I found this great old photo! By Patty Schmeder

I was going through some old photos one day and found this one from 1934 of my late sister-in-law Gladys, posing with Robert Wadlow, the famous “Alton Giant” who visited her school in Trenton IL. The little girl is Gladys Darlene Kaufman Schmeder who was born in 1927 and spent the majority of her life […]

Preserving Family Stories with Legacy Sharing

Seniors, families and caregivers increasingly recognize the value of reflection and reminiscing. Storytelling and writing about family history has the power to improve self-esteem, enhance feelings of control and provide an expanded vision of one’s life. Mature family members often have a treasure trove of stories about their life and the lives of their ancestors. […]

A Father’s Day Tribute

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to share several stories that have been published on about fathers and grandfathers. We enjoy reading and sharing the stories that have been submitted by our readers and invite you to publish your stories. The Quiet Irish Farmer Football Hero My Grandfather The Milkman’s Son Unconditional Love […]