Family History

Stories are a powerful way to share and pass down the legacy of our family members. In our Family History category you can find everything from family tales that have been passed down for generations to new stories about family members that impacted our writers’ lives.

How I Met My Husband

My profession was nursing and with World War II raging I decided to join the war effort as an Army Nurse.  My induction ceremony included six other women who were also becoming nurses for the Army.  We got all settled in to our quarters on base.  That same evening, six young and handsome Second Lieutenants […]

My Grandmother the Teacher

My grandmother is full of stories. When we visit her, she always loves to recount events and tell stories about her life. The last time I visited her, she recounted the story behind a Christmas tradition and becoming a teacher. My grandmother carefully opened the photo album, flipping through the pages. She would stop every […]

Bringing Generations Together Through Storytelling

Creating a personal history for someone is an extraordinary gift for all generations. The experience of preserving the life story of a loved one is a priceless legacy for families. It documents memories and helps others better understand the joys and challenges that shaped their lives. Storytelling is a natural inter-generational activity. Before people could write, they […]

Star Wars and International Summer

My grandmother was born in 1944. She was a single mother who raised two kids. My grandmother loves to cook, and she is the best cook in the world. She loves to travel and explore different cultures and art. She is infinitely creative and can think of a better way to do nearly anything. My […]

The Spider

About last year, my mother told me a story about her and her friends with all the trouble they got into. My mother stated after she had picked me up from a park, “I know you like hanging out with your friends. However, I was 13 too. I know that you’ll want to have fun, […]