Marriage is a powerful bond that joins together two families to continue their legacy. Our writers share special stories about both their own marriages and other marriages that have influenced their lives.

Weathering Life’s Storms by Mike Roberts

I was born in Detroit, MI on April 4, 1956 and when I was seven, we moved to Southfield, a suburb. I went off to college at Central Michigan University and earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism. It was there I met a young lady named Anne who would become my wife.  Later, I went […]


One time in the fifth grade, I stumbled across a food pun poem. I just looked it up now; it’s called Do You Carrot All For Me? The author is unknown, but the poem goes like this: Do you carrot all for me? My heart beets for you. With your turnip nose And your radish […]

My Parents’ Marriage

Submitted by Patricia Bubash, M.Ed., LPC My parents’ marriage does not look like my marriage or that of my friends. This is not just because they have been together 70 years (wow, a lot of togetherness)

Family Man

Submitted by: Tim Dunn Today we do things at breakneck speed and don’t really have the luxury of slowing down to see things through. I have aspirations of seeing two things through before the good Lord takes me home: to be a husband to my bride and to be a Daddy to my little girl […]