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One Legacy staff members share the latest news and stories about what is happening behind the scenes and in the community.

A Celebration of Seniors and Caregivers

People 65 and older numbered 46.2 million in 2014. They represented 14.5% of the U.S. population, approximately one in every seven Americans. As people grow older, they often need assistance. Caregivers help clients with self-care and everyday tasks. They also provide social supports and assistance that enable clients to participate in their communities. This summer, […]

Catching Up with Chief Story Publisher Mike Stith

Mike Stith, the founder of One Legacy, shared his journey with the organization in this interview a year ago. The mission of One Legacy is to bridge generational, cultural and economically diverse communities so that everyone has access to inspirational literature for mutual enrichment. Our social enterprise business aims to grow the practice of story […]

Legacy Sharing for the Team

The One Legacy Team has participated in numerous workshops that we developed and introduced to the community. During the process of writing and sharing personal stories, something remarkable often happens. The experience triggers memories and builds emotional connections between people. Good stories surprise and delight us. They make us think, feel – and remember. They […]

Top 10 Stories of 2015 on

In 2015, the stories submitted and published on revolved around family history, heroes, caregivers, spiritual legacies and overcoming challenges. Some were poignant; others were humorous, and all of them were special memories in the lives of the contributors. These were the most popular stories of last year: I Lost My Brother, but I Found […]

Story Therapy for Seniors

The Legacy Sharing program is an on-site, story-therapy activity designed for groups or one-on-ones in Senior Living Communities. The curriculum is appropriate for assisted living, independent living or memory care, and it includes a library of games and tools with publishing of Keepsake Storybooks available. According to Geriatrics & Gerontology International (June 2007), reminiscence programs […]