One Legacy News

One Legacy staff members share the latest news and stories about what is happening behind the scenes and in the community.

Meeting and Greeting at Hospice of Southern Illinois

On Friday, August 21, Mike and Sonja Stith had the opportunity to participate in the 7th annual Meet & Greet event at the Hospice of Southern Illinois. They met several compassionate employees and volunteers of this organization. Hospice provides a special healthcare option for patients and families who are faced with a terminal illness. The […]

The Experience of Legacy Sharing

On August 5, more than a dozen people participated in an interactive Legacy Sharing experience at a workshop sponsored by Rockwood Bank.  Mike Stith, Founder of One Legacy™, and Cynthia Correll, Program Facilitator, began the session with an icebreaker. Immediately participants were engaged as they played the One Legacy™ Story Starter Game, which focuses on […]

Why Listen to Your Mother?

The Idea for One Legacy began when Founder Mike Stith began to listen to his own mother tell stories that brought back memories and made her feel good in the last years of her life. He also became aware