Overcoming Challenges

How we deal with the challenges life presents us defines who we are. Read stories of how our writers persevered to overcome difficult challenges.

Hoof Prints of Love

Submitted by Terry Smith In the summer of 1999, I bought a horse named Sunny. She was an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) mare whom I purchased and owned for fifteen years. She was my best

Some Write

Submitted by Amy King I’ve heard writing it down makes it real, maybe too real. Is that really what matters? Making it real?  My friends have told me I need to write a book, but I’ve never thought

Make New, But Keep the Gold

Submitted by: Patricia Bubash, M.Ed., LPC My last musing on One Legacy made reference to the Girl Scout song “Make New Friends” which goes “Make new friends, but keep the old, One is silver and the other gold.” Well, I believe that to be credible we must follow our own advice.  I don’t want to be […]

Musing about Change

Submitted by: Patricia Bubash, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor Just last week, I was asked to give a presentation for middle school parents:  a morning coffee hour.  The topic that I had been