Spiritual Legacies

Spiritual stories can take us outside the day-to-day and help us to focus and connect with the world. Read or share your own experience.

Top 10 Stories of 2015 on OneLegacy.com

In 2015, the stories submitted and published on OneLegacy.com revolved around family history, heroes, caregivers, spiritual legacies and overcoming challenges. Some were poignant; others were humorous, and all of them were special memories in the lives of the contributors. These were the most popular stories of last year: I Lost My Brother, but I Found […]

Dying Well

Written by Patricia Bubash We have a new youth minister who is determined to bring relevant, current topics to our weekly Wednesday Bible. A few weeks ago we enjoyed learning about Story Corp, even recording our own stories with each other during the class. This week she brought in four TED Talks (my husband LOVES TED Talks) […]

Gift From Above

Submitted by Gregory Scirrotto I was working for the Sisters of Mercy, in an assisted living facility for seniors, when I received a phone call from my son Dion’s girlfriend telling me that Dion was

It’s Personal!

Submitted by: Tim Dunn I can still remember the first time I got a new baseball glove. My dad took me to a place called Van Leunens and I got to pick out my first mitt. Brand new. Never been used. I

My Christmas Story

My name is Jose J. Norberto. I have been a cardiac surgeon now for fourteen years. Despite being a successful professional, I realize that a successful career does not necessarily imply spiritual peace.