Bring your family’s history to life, collect your loved one’s stories.


Mature family members often have a treasure trove of stories about their life and the lives of their ancestors. Their memories can help us fill the gaps in understanding where our family came from and who they were. These unique glimpses into the past help define and ground us by allowing us to glimpse our loved one’s triumphs and losses…their humanity.

Keepsake BookGather these memories by allowing the experienced One Legacy Story Collectors to have a series of gently guided conversations with your loved one. Our Story Collectors will gather pictures and documents and create either a video or hard-bound book for you and future generations.

Family Legacy Sharing by One Legacy:

• Gives your family a historical narrative
• Assigns meaning and provides purpose to your loved one’s life
• Offers an outlet for personal closure and healing
• Often unearths long forgotten memories
• Creates more open and satisfying family dialogue
• Helps identify people and events

When our loved ones pass, their stories are gone. Let us help you gather these unique recollections today.

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