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This journal is a celebration of the fascinating, real-life stories told firsthand by those who have lived and breathed them.

As the founder and publisher of The Family Historian and as a former caregiver, I’ve had the privilege of sitting in waiting rooms and visiting with families just like many of you, and also of listening to incredible, true stories from perfect strangers — stories that had a profound impact on me. I learned that telling these stories also have a positive impact on those who do the telling, giving them the voice to remember and recall pivotal experiences in their lives.

Our mission for The Family Historian is simple: We are committed to purveying these stories (we’ve got literally hundreds to share already) to inspire, encourage, and comfort those who read them. Do you know someone who has a story to tell? Maybe it’s your grandparent, your parent, your neighbor, or maybe it’s you.

Here’s to the beginning of sharing personal, impactful, legacy-creating stories…because each day has purpose and every life has meaning.

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