bring ol to your next group meetingLegacy Sharing is a great activity for any book club, writers’ group, youth enrichment program, health facility, support group, or social organization. Sharing stories in a group setting is a unique and engaging experience as well as an excellent addition to any group’s calendar of activities.

The purpose of a Legacy Sharing session is to connect with others in a meaningful discussion about legacy. For group members, sharing and reflecting on personal moments of legacy is an enjoyable and even therapeutic activity. Some group members enjoy a discussion or brainstorming session and then write their stories down at home. Others write their stories in advance and share them during the Legacy Sharing session. While some like to read their stories aloud, others prefer to share their stories online. There is no wrong way to share personal stories of legacy! There are many ways to publish your group stories on our site. You can click this link, email them to or even mail them! With your permission, we will even recognize your group on our social networks or in our seasonal newsletter.

Are you ready to get started with this unique social experience? Send an email to and we’ll send a variety of topic suggestion forms and other documents designed to make your Legacy Sharing session an event to remember. We can’t wait to read your stories!


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