Legacy Sharing

Rockwood Bank Workshop 2

The Legacy Sharing Workshop by One Legacy is a safe and enjoyable environment created for participants to communicate and share personal memories and real stories. No previous experience needed. Everyone is welcome!…especially if you are interested in family history, genealogy or storytelling…or if you are a caregiver, a veteran or a senior.

Participants of the Legacy Sharing Workshop benefit from writing templates, facilitated activities, group sharing and free digital publishing.  Workshop activities are hosted by trained facilitators, and they include a combination of memory sharing, brainstorming games, storytelling and writing.

We also have an on-location Legacy Sharing Program that is specifically designed for story therapy activities for Senior Living Communities.

“People need to tell their stories and pass down their legacy – it’s as important a stage of life as learning how to walk or crawl.”

– Kitty Axelson-Berry, Founder, Association of Personal Historians

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOST A LEGACY SHARING WORKSHOP, PLEASE CONTACT US!Story Starter CardsThe Legacy Sharing Memory Game Story Starter Cards for Family History are now available in the One Legacy Marketplace.

a Keepsake Storybook, a one-of-a-kind treasure that can be shared from generation to generation.

The One Legacy Keepsake Storybook, a one-of-a-kind treasure that can be shared from generation to generation, can be created for your family or organization.

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