A Message and Dedication from Mike Stith, Founder of One Legacy

The One Legacy initiative started as part of a promise I made my sister, Karen, in 2009. Karen was only in her mid-fifties, but was fighting a fierce battle with colon cancer. Over the years, she and I Karenwent in separate directions, as many siblings do. But when we did connect, we shared in robust discussion about life and making the most out of our experience. We knew so many people around us that seemed to be stuck in a rut, or frustrated with something in their lives that was incomplete – from careers, to health, to family relationships. Many people seem to feel they have no control of their lives. Karen was a positive, spirited, energetic person; but as her illness progressed, she shared with me that although she had a great life, she too fell into the pattern of feeling life was out of her control. Her advice to me was to strive for and embrace change; to take a few risks that could lead toward accomplishing the goals that so many people are fearful to challenge. So, Karen, we dedicate One Legacy to you.

A favorite song of Karen’s:

For A Dancer – Jackson Browne (click to listen)

Thanks for sharing our journey,

Mike Stith


One thought on “How We Started”

  1. That’s a beautiful story, Mike. Sorry I hadn’t read it sooner. And that Jackson Browne song is powerful. I love the lyrics and the message. Every person under the age of 50 should listen to it and take note.Thanks.

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